SimASP Aspiration Catheter

SimASP Aspiration Catheter  is a rapid exchange type catheter used for the removal of thrombus and debris in the coronary or peripheral arteries via percutaneous suction.

Key Advantages
  • Smooth, non-braided catheter for large extraction lumen
  • Pre-loaded stylet for pushabililty, kink resistance, and enhanced flexibility
  • Hydrophilic coating allows for easy navigation through tortuous anatomy
  • Soft, short tip for increased safety and deliverability
  • Large aspiration port for higher aspiration rates and increased aspiration volume
Key Dimensions/Specifications
  • Guide Catheter: 6F
  • Working Length: 135cm
  • Guidewire Compatibility: 0,014”
  • Distal OD: 1,37 mm
  • Proximal OD: 1,42 mm
  • Rapid Exchange Length: 30 mm

Download (PDF, 1.14MB)