Simflex™ CoCr Stent Delivery System
Simflex specifies new standards for Bare Metal Stents (BMS)

Key Advantages
  • Perfection of the design supplies prime stent flexibility during the delivery of the stent and maximized radial strength after deployment of the stent.
  • Simflex’s design also offers homogeneous and non-shortening stent expansion for effective vessel recovery.
  • Semi-Open Cell Design have the advantage for side branch applications.
Key Dimensions/Specifications
  • Stent Material: L605 CoCr alloy
  • Wall Thickness: 85  µm
  • Entry Profile: .016″
  • Nominal Pressure: 8 atm
  • Rated Burst Pressuer: 16 atm

Download (PDF, 1.46MB)